Taser MPH Holster – MP3 Taser – What?

A round of applause, that is what the 2008 CES – Consumer Electronics Show deserves. That is because this exhibit showcased many wonderful new gadgets that blew the mind! The Consumer Electronics Association has been doing CES for years now and they have done a very good job with the latest exhibit. The event was huge and many gizmos were put on display. The goofy Taser MPH Holster certainly garnered plenty of appreciation. That is because this nifty gadget is one useful creation. It intelligently combines fashion with protection! Not many gadgets can beat that! So how does the Taser MPH Holster work? (img src="http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,320729,00.html)

A taser is a stun weapon that you can use to render any bad guy trying to assault you into unconsciousness. Having a taser around is sure to give you plenty of peace of mind. To make things more interesting though, the Taser MPH Holster not only allows the carrying of the stun gun but it can also carry a music player. With the music player always with you, you would have less boring moments. You can have your music player handy as well as your stun gun in one functional holster. Protection and entertainment, the holster makes sure you have both!

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